Outdoor Storage Box

Useful Space With An Outdoor Storage Box

If you find yourself short of space for storing smaller garden items in your backyard, and don’t have enough room in the shed or garage, why not consider an outdoor storage box?

I know the feeling of cluttering up a shed with all the more expensive garden machinery and larger tools like hedge trimmers and chainsaws, but what about all the smaller items that get in the way? These take up lots of space so where do you put your outdoor chair cushions, tarps and pool equipment? In a box, of course!

De-clutter the Shed

I know from experience that trying to work in a cluttered storage shed is miserable, you keep tripping up over coils of garden hose or other such loose items which are difficult to store neatly. You’re far more likely to trip up and injure yourself among the shed chaos! Take out all the smaller, awkward stuff and keep it safe in a storage box.

Some other benefits of being organized are:

  • Being able to keep the shed and any other storage space neat and tidy
  • Being able to find exactly what you want, when you want it
  • Having enough room to be able to work in comfort
  • Enables you to look after machines and tools better

Easily Accessible

There’s no need to wave your arms in the air muttering, “where’s the hand trowel, who had it last?” You know what I’m getting at, blame everyone else because YOU can’t find something? I know we all do it at times, but there’s absolutely no need to let tempers fray just because you have mislaid something.

Get organized and you’ll be able to find everything immediately. The big plus with owning a box, or more than one is that you can keep them wherever is most convenient to you. If you have a swimming pool, keep all the cleaning materials, chemicals and pipes in an outdoor storage box next to the pool rather than back in your garage.

Sturdy Construction and Weatherproof

One great box I’ve come across is sold by Amazon, it’s the Lifetime Outdoor Storage Box , with a capacity of 130-Gallons.

  1. Construction – Made from a rigid, double-walled, high-density polyethylene which gives the box its strength and durability.
  2. Strength – It’s tough enough to be used as a bench on the patio or by the pool.
  3. Weather resistance – With built-in UV-protection and water resistance, it can withstand wet and windy weather while the seal helps to keep the interior completely dry.
  4. Safe and secure – The lid opens to more than 90° by means of a spring-hinge lid which won’t slam shut on you while you search inside, and most importantly it’s lockable.
  5. Assembly – Putting the box together is very simple and straight forward, instructions are clear and precise – like all well designed products. (One comment I noticed from a buyer went like this,

“The thing that pleased me the most is the assembly instructions – clear and to-the-point. What a relief that I didn’t have to interpret something that was poorly translated into English.”


Shipping this outdoor storage box from Amazon is only available within the U.S. but there is a plethora of outdoor storage boxes available on other sites worldwide.

I love the idea of a tidy workshop, garage or shed and recently bought a similar outdoor box to store patio cushions and bar-b-que bits and bobs in it. By the end of the summer season, there was so much extra stuff, so it has been a great success.

Enjoy a clutter-free, accessible shed once again while keeping a tidier back yard with a new outdoor storage box.


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