Outdoor Storage Box

Useful Space With An Outdoor Storage Box

If you find yourself short of space for storing smaller garden items in your backyard, and don’t have enough room in the shed or garage, why not consider an outdoor storage box?

I know the feeling of cluttering up a shed with all the more expensive garden machinery and larger tools like hedge trimmers and chainsaws, but what about all the smaller items that get in the way? These take up lots of space so where do you put your outdoor chair cushions, tarps and pool equipment? In a box, of course!

De-clutter the Shed

I know from experience that trying to work in a cluttered storage shed is miserable, you keep tripping up over coils of garden hose or other such loose items which are difficult to store neatly. You’re far more likely to trip up and injure yourself among the shed chaos! Take out all the smaller, awkward stuff and keep it safe in a storage box.

Some other benefits of being organized are:

  • Being able to keep the shed and any other storage space neat and tidy
  • Being able to find exactly what you want, when you want it
  • Having enough room to be able to work in comfort
  • Enables you to look after machines and tools better

Easily Accessible

There’s no need to wave your arms in the air muttering, “where’s the hand trowel, who had it last?” You know what I’m getting at, blame everyone else because YOU can’t find something? I know we all do it at times, but there’s absolutely no need to let tempers fray just because you have mislaid something.

Get organized and you’ll be able to find everything immediately. The big plus with owning a box, or more than one is that you can keep them wherever is most convenient to you. If you have a swimming pool, keep all the cleaning materials, chemicals and pipes in an outdoor storage box next to the pool rather than back in your garage.

Sturdy Construction and Weatherproof

One great box I’ve come across is sold by Amazon, it’s the Lifetime Outdoor Storage Box , with a capacity of 130-Gallons.

  1. Construction – Made from a rigid, double-walled, high-density polyethylene which gives the box its strength and durability.
  2. Strength – It’s tough enough to be used as a bench on the patio or by the pool.
  3. Weather resistance – With built-in UV-protection and water resistance, it can withstand wet and windy weather while the seal helps to keep the interior completely dry.
  4. Safe and secure – The lid opens to more than 90° by means of a spring-hinge lid which won’t slam shut on you while you search inside, and most importantly it’s lockable.
  5. Assembly – Putting the box together is very simple and straight forward, instructions are clear and precise – like all well designed products. (One comment I noticed from a buyer went like this,

“The thing that pleased me the most is the assembly instructions – clear and to-the-point. What a relief that I didn’t have to interpret something that was poorly translated into English.”


Shipping this outdoor storage box from Amazon is only available within the U.S. but there is a plethora of outdoor storage boxes available on other sites worldwide.

I love the idea of a tidy workshop, garage or shed and recently bought a similar outdoor box to store patio cushions and bar-b-que bits and bobs in it. By the end of the summer season, there was so much extra stuff, so it has been a great success.

Enjoy a clutter-free, accessible shed once again while keeping a tidier back yard with a new outdoor storage box.


Metal Storage Sheds | Safe And Secure

Metal Storage Sheds – Keep Those Machines And Tools Secure

Are you thinking about building a metal storage shed for you car, ride-on lawnmower or just some outside office space? There are other materials used for building sheds, but metal has several advantages over the others due to its strength and security.

Metal, or steel storage sheds as they are sometimes referred to, will last longer and won’t require the same amount of annual upkeep than their wooden counterparts.

Build From a Kit or Not?

Deciding to proceed with a metal storage shed, the first stage is whether to build from a kit or buy a ready-made one. Both have their advantages, so it really depends on your skills and how confident you would be with a kit-build.

If you are keen at do-it-yourself projects or are a competent crafts-person, you’ll probably want to undertake the task on your own or with the help of family or friends. However, if you lack the inclination or know-how of how to tackle a self-build, then why not choose the easier option of buying one ready-made?

So, if you are going to go it alone, what I call ‘the rewarding route’, fair choice! Take note, before you start you will need a decent set of blueprint plans to work from, this will ensure that you’ll avoid making any disastrous and costly mistakes.

Where to Start Looking

The best and fastest starting point when looking for information about metal storage units has to be an online search, unless of course you know of a good local supplier. The results you get back from your search will be highly relevant, and you should be able to locate exactly what you’re looking for in no time at all, and probably find one very close to where you live.

Once Found, What Next? Metal Storage Sheds Plan!

You must have your plans! All builders have plans, all woodworkers and carpenters have plans. Don’t try and build without them, it could cost you money.

Now that you’ve located the design of your choice, and have selected the size, style and price range, you’re almost ready to go.

Your plans will outline the construction techniques and methods required along with material sizes and dimensions. This will help you organize and calculate your requirements precisely – no over-ordering will save you cash!

The blueprints will also help by showing accurate layout drawings of the concrete base that needs to be laid. This is important to be done correctly, as concrete must be laid to the right depth using the correct mix (ratio of sand to cement), in order to withstand heavy weights and extreme weather conditions. The base dimensions relative to the size of the building will be shown in detail as well. All in all, these designs will walk you through each stage, whether you are a skilled builder or not!

Durability and security of metal storage sheds

Metal by its very nature is more durable than wood or vinyl, therefore make sure you get a good warranty when you buy, which shouldn’t be a problem from a reputable or specialist company who deals with these types of sheds. Be wary when dealing with unknown suppliers who fail to include any guarantee with a purchase.

With a product that will be around for some time and is long-lasting, metal storage sheds are well worth it. Ensure the overall design and interior layout of window and door positions are to your liking and more importantly are practical.

Security is the major plus point with a metal or steel storage shed. But remember, the more openings you have, i.e. windows and doors, you will have to fit good strong locking devices to maintain a high level of security, as they remain the weakest parts of the building. If an intruder fails to gain access though any part of the walls or roof, the weakest area would be doors and windows.

Internal security

Special secure points can be installed inside the unit, so that smaller machines like quad bikes, vintage cars or other valuable things can be chained to these points independently of each other. These steel secure points ideally would be set into the concrete base floor rather than just attached to the side walls.

It is a sad fact of life that our possessions need to be protected, therefore selecting metal secure-points over wood or plastic is undoubtedly the right way to go. Install the secure-points properly and include them in the design from the start, then you wont have to address the issue later on. Digging up a concrete floor is hard work and will take a lot of time, money and effort. It all comes back to good original design and planning!

Now that you have your secure metal storage shed in place, you can get down to fitting out the interior with shelves, a workbench or whatever else you need. Also, it’s time to install any plumbing and electrics and even a telephone line if required.

Whether you have built your metal storage shed yourself or bought one already made, you will have a great purpose-built unit you can be proud of. And most importantly, you have something that is strong and secure to contain all those valuable personal possessions. All you have to do now – is enjoy all that extra space!

How To Build A Storage Shed With Ease, And Soon Your Neighbors Will Be Wanting One!

Dear Woodworking Enthusiast,

If you’ve ever wanted to build a storage shed, or the idea of undertaking a woodwork project like this has tweaked your curiosity…

…then why not have a go? It’s not difficult with the right tools and plans.

You could even build something like this: or this:
You’re about to discover the most efficient way to build a storage shed without a glitch. Once you’ve located the blueprint design plans, you’ll be able to conquer virtually any woodworking project – on your own!

What Do I Need?

After choosing what style and size of storage shed you want, you’ll need some basic tools like a hammer, nails and screws, screwdriver, drill and saw. The more tools you have, the easier the task becomes.

Storage sheds are usually made from lumber, metal, vinyl or some other type of plastic. Lumber is one the most popular of materials as it aesthetically fits in to its environment, and is nice to work with. While you’re thinking about a storage shed, what about building a tree house, bird house or child’s play house? The list is endless!

For both large and small sheds, a concrete foundation is highly recommended, but is less important for the very small sheds. Here a stone or gravel base will suffice. All good buildings require a firm and level surface as a base, so don’t cut corners with the ground-works.

Design plans are a must have. How can you build anything without some form of layout plan? Don’t skimp on these as they are very cheap to buy – and you’ll usually get thousands of different design plans all in one package, not bad?

Instructions on how to Build a Storage Shed

Some Good Advice

Measure twice – cut once!
I bet you have fallen foul of a mismeasurement or two in the past, but there’s no need to waste valuable lumber?

A mismeasurement is when you rush measuring up your lengths, marking them off and cutting them without double checking, only to find that you read the tape measure incorrectly. So, now you’re wastage has cost you!

Advantages of Proper Plans

  • Details all the processes in a step-by-step way,
  • Breakdowns all the items needed for each specific project,
  • Gives measurements of all pieces of lumber, saving you time,
  • Outlines the quantity and sizes of nuts and bolts, nails and screws and any other materials required,
  • Step by step instructions to follow during the build,
  • No over-ordering,
  • Saves money in the long run,
  • Leads to a more professional job.

How To Build A Shed Plans And Instructions

This is a review of the how to build a shed product Shed Plans by professional woodworker Tom Peterson

Shed Plans & Designs is a complete guide that explains how to build a shed from scratch. Tom Peterson offers detailed plans, blueprints and step by step instructions that even a beginner can follow.

“The dream of building your own shed can now become a reality”

That is the claim and Tom seeks to provide this through offering big size full colour illustrations and step by step instructions for a whole range of different type sheds. He states that anyone, from those with no experience, have two left hands, failed in the past or with some limited experience can use this help to:

  • build a shed of all types and sizes to your own preferences
  • save on contractors fees
  • save on costs of having plans drawn
  • save on contractors costs

The package of plans, blueprints and instructions is instantly downloadable to your computer harddrive or you can save it to disk. The aim of Shed Plans & Designs is to provide you with everything that you need to build the shed that you really want presented in a way that even those with no experience whatsoever can easily use.

Once you follow Tom Peterson’s instructions discovering how to build a shed, you should encounter less hassle and more fun doing it. And, a big benefit is that you will be able to build an shed much cheaper than the overpriced ready-made standard design sheds that are available from your garden store.

Shed Plans comes with several bonuses including thousands of detailed plans for woodworking projects plus also the resource “All the most valuable secrets, tips, tricks and techniques that have ever been written on woodworking” to increase your understanding, confidence and knowledge. It also includes a no quibble money back guarantee for peace of mind.

Garden Storage Shed | Tools And Pots

Whether you are a keen gardener or you just want some outdoor space for a workshop area, consider building a useful garden storage shed as a solution to your storage needs. Finding reasonably priced, quality designs for your garden storage shed is simple enough, which in turn will enable a smooth construction process.

To determine which garden storage shed design is right, I shall offer some tips and guidelines to help you decide. The first decision is to choose whether you want to build the storage shed yourself, or save the hassle and buy a pre-fabricated one. Both have advantages and disadvantages

Self-build or Pre-fabricated Garden Storage Shed?

If you enjoy a challenge, as many of us do, you may prefer to self-build – with the complete satisfaction of undertaking a major project on your own. What you will need, if you want the build to go smoothly, is a reliable set of plans so you can construct with confidence and accuracy. This method is for those who can wield a hammer and use a saw without harming themselves or anyone else, so the diy method is not for the feint-hearted. Also, you can be highly selective as to the design type you choose.

The ready-made garden storage shed is very much more suited to those who can’t wait, don’t know how or don’t wish to build it themselves. By buying a pre-assembled unit, you will have to accept the nearest size available to what you might want. The overall character and looks of the storage shed may or may not exactly be to your liking. However, if you go this route, your storage shed will be up and functional in no time at all.

Garden Storage Shed Purpose?

What will you be storing in the shed? If it is purely for gardening use, make sure you find a garden shed design that ticks all the boxes that you require. It is always worthwhile to have adequate space in the shed for a work bench as tools need to be cared for and sharpened regularly.

If your storage shed is really only an all-purpose building, make sure you have plenty of space for what it is intended for, and don’t forget that plenty of windows will give lots of light, should that be a necessary requirement.

Good Design Layout and Planning

Sheds: The Do-It-Yourself Guide for Backyard Builders

Good buildings come from good designs, which in turn come from thorough planning. Like anything done well, it all starts with a sensible approach to the entire project, followed by an intelligent interpretation and able construction. Don’t rush the building works as mistakes will be made and could be costly. Draw up your set of plans and adhere to them, get hold of quality set of tools and other necessary equipment needed to complete the job. Remember, a good carpenter always ‘ measures twice and cuts once’ to minimize losses!

The doorway into your garden shed must be wide enough to easily allow possible large ride-on mowers or similar machines entry. It is likely to be constructed as a double door, so one can be used much of the time with the second being opened when required. Another must is good ventilation especially if you will be using garden herbicides or other strong smelling substances such as gas or paraffin.

No garden storage shed would be without rows of shelves for storing pots and yard tools and other garden accessories, and an absolute must for the green-fingered is a potting bench.


To avoid a dull looking finish to the exterior of you garden storage shed, there are ways to enhance the look. If the finish is wood, then why not use a wood stain, these are available is many shades from pine through to dark oak. Alternatively, select an exterior paint of any color you choose to immediately give your garden shed it’s identity.

Whether buying or building a garden storage shed, your good research will yield handsome results, and very soon you’ll have the garden shed you’ve always wished for.