Garden Storage Shed | Tools And Pots

Whether you are a keen gardener or you just want some outdoor space for a workshop area, consider building a useful garden storage shed as a solution to your storage needs. Finding reasonably priced, quality designs for your garden storage shed is simple enough, which in turn will enable a smooth construction process.

To determine which garden storage shed design is right, I shall offer some tips and guidelines to help you decide. The first decision is to choose whether you want to build the storage shed yourself, or save the hassle and buy a pre-fabricated one. Both have advantages and disadvantages

Self-build or Pre-fabricated Garden Storage Shed?

If you enjoy a challenge, as many of us do, you may prefer to self-build – with the complete satisfaction of undertaking a major project on your own. What you will need, if you want the build to go smoothly, is a reliable set of plans so you can construct with confidence and accuracy. This method is for those who can wield a hammer and use a saw without harming themselves or anyone else, so the diy method is not for the feint-hearted. Also, you can be highly selective as to the design type you choose.

The ready-made garden storage shed is very much more suited to those who can’t wait, don’t know how or don’t wish to build it themselves. By buying a pre-assembled unit, you will have to accept the nearest size available to what you might want. The overall character and looks of the storage shed may or may not exactly be to your liking. However, if you go this route, your storage shed will be up and functional in no time at all.

Garden Storage Shed Purpose?

What will you be storing in the shed? If it is purely for gardening use, make sure you find a garden shed design that ticks all the boxes that you require. It is always worthwhile to have adequate space in the shed for a work bench as tools need to be cared for and sharpened regularly.

If your storage shed is really only an all-purpose building, make sure you have plenty of space for what it is intended for, and don’t forget that plenty of windows will give lots of light, should that be a necessary requirement.

Good Design Layout and Planning

Sheds: The Do-It-Yourself Guide for Backyard Builders

Good buildings come from good designs, which in turn come from thorough planning. Like anything done well, it all starts with a sensible approach to the entire project, followed by an intelligent interpretation and able construction. Don’t rush the building works as mistakes will be made and could be costly. Draw up your set of plans and adhere to them, get hold of quality set of tools and other necessary equipment needed to complete the job. Remember, a good carpenter always ‘ measures twice and cuts once’ to minimize losses!

The doorway into your garden shed must be wide enough to easily allow possible large ride-on mowers or similar machines entry. It is likely to be constructed as a double door, so one can be used much of the time with the second being opened when required. Another must is good ventilation especially if you will be using garden herbicides or other strong smelling substances such as gas or paraffin.

No garden storage shed would be without rows of shelves for storing pots and yard tools and other garden accessories, and an absolute must for the green-fingered is a potting bench.


To avoid a dull looking finish to the exterior of you garden storage shed, there are ways to enhance the look. If the finish is wood, then why not use a wood stain, these are available is many shades from pine through to dark oak. Alternatively, select an exterior paint of any color you choose to immediately give your garden shed it’s identity.

Whether buying or building a garden storage shed, your good research will yield handsome results, and very soon you’ll have the garden shed you’ve always wished for.

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