How To Build A Storage Shed With Ease, And Soon Your Neighbors Will Be Wanting One!

Dear Woodworking Enthusiast,

If you’ve ever wanted to build a storage shed, or the idea of undertaking a woodwork project like this has tweaked your curiosity…

…then why not have a go? It’s not difficult with the right tools and plans.

You could even build something like this: or this:
You’re about to discover the most efficient way to build a storage shed without a glitch. Once you’ve located the blueprint design plans, you’ll be able to conquer virtually any woodworking project – on your own!

What Do I Need?

After choosing what style and size of storage shed you want, you’ll need some basic tools like a hammer, nails and screws, screwdriver, drill and saw. The more tools you have, the easier the task becomes.

Storage sheds are usually made from lumber, metal, vinyl or some other type of plastic. Lumber is one the most popular of materials as it aesthetically fits in to its environment, and is nice to work with. While you’re thinking about a storage shed, what about building a tree house, bird house or child’s play house? The list is endless!

For both large and small sheds, a concrete foundation is highly recommended, but is less important for the very small sheds. Here a stone or gravel base will suffice. All good buildings require a firm and level surface as a base, so don’t cut corners with the ground-works.

Design plans are a must have. How can you build anything without some form of layout plan? Don’t skimp on these as they are very cheap to buy – and you’ll usually get thousands of different design plans all in one package, not bad?

Instructions on how to Build a Storage Shed

Some Good Advice

Measure twice – cut once!
I bet you have fallen foul of a mismeasurement or two in the past, but there’s no need to waste valuable lumber?

A mismeasurement is when you rush measuring up your lengths, marking them off and cutting them without double checking, only to find that you read the tape measure incorrectly. So, now you’re wastage has cost you!

Advantages of Proper Plans

  • Details all the processes in a step-by-step way,
  • Breakdowns all the items needed for each specific project,
  • Gives measurements of all pieces of lumber, saving you time,
  • Outlines the quantity and sizes of nuts and bolts, nails and screws and any other materials required,
  • Step by step instructions to follow during the build,
  • No over-ordering,
  • Saves money in the long run,
  • Leads to a more professional job.

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